San Francisco, California



Big bridge repair project requires precise boom-end manipulation

A major repair project on the Oakland Bay Bridge requires faster, efficient work utilizing equipment with tremendous strength. To handle the project, Modern Continental needed equipment capable of quickly and precisely placing about 600 steel beams - each up to 37 feet long and weighing between 3,100 and 4,200 pounds, depending on whether they are 10 or 12-inch square. The ability to work quickly was also important, since the bridge could be closed for construction only a few hours at night.


Modern Continental found that a Model XL 5100 Gradall® excavator was ideal for the beam placement challenge. Using the Model XL 5100 and a specially designed Brudi attachment, the operator was able to raise individual beams around 21 feet, and then maneuver them over and around obstacles in order to position them for welding. The ability of the Gradall excavator's boom to rotate was further complemented by the Brudi attachment's rotating design, making it possible to position the huge, heavy beams with excellent precision. The mobility of the Model XL 5100 also was an important time-saver. Not only could it moved on and off the bridge quickly, the undercarriage also could be repositioned by the operator in the upper cab.

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