Helsinki, Finland



Re-routing stream with XL 4200 makes way for park and condo project

The city of Helsinki, Finland, sought the most efficient and cost-effective means to create an attractive residential area in space which was occupied by a stream running alongside railroad tracks. Under the guidance of the Helsinki Railroad Authority, the project involved relocating a 3-kilometer stretch of the stream, moving it about 100 meters away from the track to make room for a walking and bicycle path. Also in the area, the city intended to construct condominiums.


The Gradall® excavator Model XL 4200 proved to be adept at handling the wide range of needs to complete the project. The excavator, utilizing its 220-degree boom tilt, was able to dig out a new stream bed, strategically place boulders along the banks and then backfill and spread soil in the old stream bed area for the bicycle and running track. Because Gradall's XL Series hydraulics automatically adjust for different job requirements, the operator did not need to select different working modes for mass excavation or fine grading. That was a benefit that saved money and increased the rate of productivity. But beyond the standard advantages, Gradall also provided special changes to the machine to accommodate requests from the city. For one, the Model XL 4200 was equipped with an optional automatic greasing system for boom rollers, tilt gear and swing gear, providing continuous maintenance and promoting long machine life without having to rely on operator maintenance in these areas. A second special option tailored the machine for the severe winter weather in Finland. A remote ignition system allows the operator to start the machine while he is en route to it, assuring the Model XL 4200 is warmed up and ready to work when he arrives.

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