West Palm Beach, Florida



XL 3100 meets challenge to excavate around PVC pipe

Preparing an area for concrete along Olive St. in West Palm Beach, FL, posed a delicate challenge for Community Asphalt. The company needed to clear and excavate the narrow section without disturbing PVC irrigation pipe or new concrete on both sides. Working in a heavy traffic area, it was also important to work effectively without unnecessarily hindering traffic flow.


The Model XL 3100 Gradall® excavator utilized its unique boom movements to excavate dirt from over and around the established PVC pipe, without causing damage that would have required replacement of the irrigation system. The boom movements were also able to carefully remove dirt while working at various angles alongside the established concrete sections. XL Series hydraulics automatically adjusted boom power for excavation or for fine grading without the need for mode selection or wasting fuel. Not only was the Model XL 3100 able to complete the job effectively and quickly, the short rear swing of the machine enabled traffic to continue to move smoothly through the area. The mobility of the Model XL 3100 also was an advantage. Not only could workers drive the machine to the site, avoiding the need for a trailer, the Model XL 3100 also is designed to be repositioned from the upper operator cab. Operator Freddie Perez said he previously operated a Model G3WD Gradall excavator for five years, but found the Model XL 3100 to be faster and smoother with a more comfortable joystick location. "And it has an overall better feel," he added.

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