New Philadelphia, Ohio



Tree limb shear attachment speeds up county's roadside cleanup work

Clearing away roadside vegetation, including overhanging tree limbs, is a continual challenge for the Tuscarawas County Road and Bridge Department in New Philadelphia, Ohio. For many years, crews have used a Gradall® excavator with a ditching bucket to clean culverts and low-growing vegetation in wooded areas along county roads. Larger trees, however, posed a considerable problem requiring more equipment to be hauled to the site, or trees had to be hand cut by workers and then trimmed into smaller pieces to be hauled away or mulched. A Gradall Model XL 4100 excavator with a unique tree limb shear attachment changed that process.


The Gradall tree limb shear attachment features powerful jaws, operated by joysticks in the upper cab that control the Model XL 4100's boom movements. Quickly and easily, the attachment is able to cut tree limbs up to 10-12 inches in diameter. The full tilting, telescoping boom allows the operator to precisely position the shear attachment at various angles to trim large branches. After cutting, the attachment can also be used to pick up and stack the tree limbs at the roadside so that they can be manually fed into a mulching machine; the resulting mulch is returned to the wooded area. Because the Model XL 4100 can be driven to the jobsite at highway speeds, the county saves the cost and manpower required to bring extra equipment to the site using a lowboy trailer. Gradall tree limb shear attachments can be quickly mounted and removed and are available for most Gradall excavator models.

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