Raleigh, North Carolina



Recreating drainage ditch requires quick work by XL 3300

As every government entity and contractor can verify, sudden storms can quickly create roadside drainage problems that demand the fastest possible remedies. Not only must the repair work be completed quickly, the equipment must be designed to work in a compact area, providing as little traffic obstruction as possible while protecting adjoining landscaping


S. T. Wooten Co. construction division said the Model XL 3300 excavator by Gradall® was perfect for the job at hand - transferring fill dirt from a dump truck and then using the dirt to re-sculpt a drainage ditch which had washed out in several areas. The location in Raleigh, North Carolina, was close to a subdivision, and working space was tight, so the short rear swing and compact motions of the XL 3300 were extremely helpful. Most of the area was covered with mature grass, so the ability of the rubber-tired Model XL 3300 to maneuver without damaging the turf was extremely desirable. Of course, only the Gradall boom, without adding costly tilting attachments, was able to position the bucket attachment at the appropriate angles to re-sculpt the ditch, re-creating its original shape. With or without the use of the machine's outriggers, operators praised the stability of the machine, even when working off the side.

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