Helsinki, Finland



Unique boom movements finish off roadside terrain on short time schedule

Hyvinkaan Tieluiska is the finishing contractor on a major highway project in Finland, designed to improve the Helsinki ring road junction with the highway to Tampere - that country's second-largest city. It is critical that the job be completed on time, meaning the contractor needs strong, productive, versatile equipment that can work quickly.


Hyvinkaan Tieluiska used two different Gradall excavator models for this time-sensitive project - an XL 4300 III with a rough terrain wheeled undercarriage and an XL 4200 II crawler for challenging work on very rugged terrain. Both machines were involved with grading the correct profiles on the banks and spreading topsoil before grass seed could be sprayed to provide protection from erosion. For extra reach, both machines were equipped with 8-foot boom extensions and Engcon tiltrotators with hydraulic in-cab attachment change capability. Standard Gradall booms can rotate attachments 220 degrees, and take advantage of a low-profile telescoping boom movement that allows them to work in tunnels and under bridges and trees. The tiltrotator complements the Gradall boom movements. The boom-end attachment delivers a 360-degree rotation and a tilt up to 40 degrees, allowing the machine to do even more precise grading work from virtually any angle and on very uneven terrain. Hyvinkaan Tieluiska equipped the XL 4300 III model with steer and direction change on the joystick, using laser guidance override so that the machine automatically follows pre-set steer profiles. Timo Yliniemi, site director for Hyvinkaan Tieluiska, said the Gradall is the only machine capable of such accurate work, which must be completed on a critical time schedule before winter weather sets in. Far more desirable than conventional excavators, he said the company has some 20 Gradall excavators in its fleet to handle a wide range of construction and mining jobs.

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