League City, Texas



Tilting Telestick makes short work of canal cleanup

League City, Texas, discovered that a Model XL 5200 Gradall® excavator equipped with a Telestick™ boom extension provided an efficient way to quickly remove brush and trees from a storm sewer canal. The Telestick attachment effectively increased the boom reach of the XL 5200 to about 50 feet, enabling the cleanup work to be performed from a considerable distance. Equipped with a boom-end mower called a Chomper manufactured by Blythe Tool Co. of Needville, Texas, the Gradall excavator chopped and shredded trees and brush into pieces small enough to flow downstream without creating blockage.


Bringing efficiency to the project, the single Gradall machine and its lone operator quickly performed work that would have required the operation of several conventional machines, saving the municipality time and money.

The unique Gradall boom tilt action allowed for effective mower positioning to cut back vegetation on the canal's sloping sides. This prevented terrain damage and the erosion that would have resulted had a bulldozer been used for the job. The mower attachment also negated the labor-intensive approach to the job: bringing in a large team of workers with chain saws and chippers.

When the long-reach job was completed, the XL 5200 was quickly available for conventional excavator work in the municipality because the Telestick can be removed in about an hour, freeing the boom for other attachments.

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