Profiles in Versatility

Gradall Excavator Case Histories: Profiles in Versatility
XL 3300 III speeds up hurricane repairs on commuter railway line
To restore service to a critical section of the New York Transit System, J-Track LLC of Cedar Point, N.Y. used a Gradall XL 3300 III excavator equipped with rail gears.

Short tail swing and boom versatility pay off using XL 4100 IV for highway repair.
Gradall performs efficiently on I-294 project with minimal traffic flow interruption.

XL 4100 IV's mobility in soft sand improves productivity setting catch basins in downtown Chicago.
Mobility in soft sand helps contractor remove concrete from under a bridge and install new catch basin.

Gradall XL 4100 IV switches quickly between hammer and bucket for sidewalk work
Versatility of the XL 4100 IV helps the City of Chicago in major vaulted sidewalk replacement project in congested areas.

Gradall Excavators: Demolition Projects Case Histories
Full attachment power while tilting sets XL 4300 III apart on school paving job
Gradall's full attachment power while tilting boom allows for precision demolition around flagpoles and other obstacles on two school paving jobs.

XL 5300 III boom tilt with full power pays off in sidewalk replacement
Gradall XL 5300 III is used in every phase of Watertown sidewalk replacement project, encompassing 9,000 square yards of sidewalk and curb, 700 square yards of driveways, and 300 square yards of wheelchair ramps.

Grapevine uses XL 3100 IV for demolition and more
In order to make space for a much needed city parking lot, the Grapevine, Texas, street department needed to demolish a medical office building in the downtown area.

Unique boom movements and grapple enable XL 3100 III
to make short work of demolition project.

When there was a need to demolish an old salt bin, that task joined the list of successful jobs assigned to the county's Gradall excavators, including the new XL 3100 III.

Sidewalk removal is first step in road widening job performed by Model XL 4300 II
The versatile Gradall Model XL 4300 II excavator allows Carolina Consulting Group to work quickly and avoid obstructing traffic while removing sidewalk to widen a two-mile stretch of a busy four-lane highway.

Model XL 4300-II excavator quickly removes asphalt for massive restoration project
As Boston's historic waterfront area undergoes a massive restoration in conjunction with the Central Artery Tunnel Project, there's a need to remove large areas of asphalt that were installed many years ago.

Model XL 4300-II tackles pavement demolition with higher boom forces and faster cycle times
Accommodating increased traffic volume in suburban Washington, DC quickly without damaging road surfaces and with minimal interruption of traffic control is the perfect challenge for the XL 4300-II.

Precision demolition job is ideal challenge for Model XL 3300
Renovation of an abandoned K-Mart building in the Engler Shopping Center at Westminster, Maryland, required unusually precise demolition techniques by Interior Specialists, Inc.

Working quickly on airport runway, Model XL 4300-II removes worries about surface damage
The challenge for Washington Engineering & Construction Co. was formidable: remove 4,300 square yards of concrete from the runway at Pittsburgh International Airport, clear out the ditches, install new electrical conduit for runway lights, and then install new concrete over top.

Difficult rock fracturing project handled by Gradall® Model XL 3200 with hydraulic hammer
Many folks think of Florida as the land of sand. But as the state’s site work contractors will tell you, Florida can also be the land of some extremely tough rock. And when that rock is encountered during the course of site work, the contractor had better be up to the challenge.

Model XL 3300 works efficiently to break up old concrete sidewalks
Like most of the residential communities surrounding Denver, Colorado, the city of Boulder experiences a lot of pedestrian traffic, creating a demand for high-quality sidewalks and bike paths.

Model XL 3300 has the right size and plenty of power for concrete removal
Thoutt Bros. Concrete Contractors strives to work quickly and to minimize the obstruction of traffic flow on its frequent highway projects. That included a job in Castle Rock, Colorado, where the company needed to remove a section of concrete 12 feet by 10 feet by 12 inches.

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Gradall Excavators: Drainage and Irrigation Projects Case Histories
XL 4100 IV's mobility in soft sand improves productivity setting catch basins in downtown Chicago.
Mobility in soft sand helps contractor remove concrete from under a bridge and install new catch basin.

XL 4100 IV re-creates drainage ditches to prevent future flooding
Managing the runoff of storm water is a huge job for the Public Works Department in Victoria, Texas. An ongoing effort is designed to preserve the Guadalupe River and its surrounding areas as a city asset.

XL 5200 III with Telestick has the reach to quickly repair soil bank breech.
St. Mary Parish Drainage District I uses its XL 5200 III excavator with Telestick boom extension to reach out and down to the bottom of a bayou to repair a breech.

Armed with Telestick Boom Extension, XL 5100 III joins effort to
maintain critical water source.

Arizona uses a Gradall XL 5100 III with a Telestick boom extension to maintain CAP canals, including sloping, removing sediment and moss, as well as repair work on the sides of the canals.

Grapple attachment efficiently removes debris and vegetation from drainage ditches
An XL 4100 II with a grapple attachment is a critical piece of equipment, helping Calcasieu Parish keep drainage ditches open after storms.

Telestick attachment puts big projects within reach of XL 4100 II work
Calcasieu Parish uses a Gradall XL 4100 II exacavator with Telestick boom extension and 60-inch digging bucket to repair a large drainage line needed to prevent flooding in a large residential area.

With powerful telescoping, tilting boom, Model XL 4200 handles important highway drainage work
Kiewit Southern Co. used a Gradall Model XL 4200 to create important channels at a new interchange along I-75 in Fort Myers, Florida.

To manage drainage bayous as well as highway maintenenance demands, DOT calls on Gradall versatility
Texas DOT crews typically are busy repairing and maintaining highways and vegetation along roadways, but also must accommodate the needs of extensive storm water drainage systems.

Wisconsin village repairs broken sewer lines with Model XL 4300-II excavator
The Village of Elm Grove, Wisconsin, requires versatile equipment that can quickly and efficiently perform a variety of jobs. For that reason, village officials have purchased many Gradall® excavators over the years, including a new Model XL 4300-II.

Installing highway drainage system benefits from Model XL 4100-II excavators work speed
Minimizing interruption of traffic flow is particularly critical on busy interstate highways, especially around large cities like Chicago where they are vital for commuters.

Tilting Telestick™ makes short work of canal cleanup
League City, Texas, discovered that a Model XL 5200 Gradall excavator equipped with a Telestick boom extension provided an efficient way to quickly remove brush and trees from a storm sewer canal.

Full-tilting boom creates unique water run-off system
A Gradall excavator was utilized to create a water retention pond system to handle storm run-off from a shopping plaza and parking lot in Columbia, Maryland.

Gradall excavator with Telestick™ attachment is the only solution for big-reach drainage cleanout
A Gradall excavator equipped with a Telestick boom extension attachment proved to be the only solution to a drainage ditch maintenance problem that plagues Kansas City, Missouri.

Re-creating drainage ditch requires quick work by Model XL 3300
As every government entity and contractor can verify, sudden storms can quickly create roadside drainage problems that demand the fastest possible remedies.

Creek area restored with help of Model XL 2200
The U.S. Forest Service, the Chicago-based Openlands Project and a group of volunteers found a Model XL 2200 Gradall excavator perfect in size and versatility to help them restore the eroding banks of the Prairie Creek south of Joliet, Illinois.

Re-routing stream with Model XL 4200 makes way for park and condo project
The city of Helsinki, Finland, sought the most efficient and cost-effective means to create an attractive residential area in space which was occupied by a stream running alongside railroad tracks.

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Gradall Excavators: General Construction Projects Case Histories
XL 5200 III is uniquely suited for high productivity, low overhead project
Gradall excavators work under building's corner braces with just 11 feet of headroom to excavate a multi-level garage sitting beneath a nine-story structure.

Versatility as well as repositioning from upper cab provide advantages for busy contractors
The wide variety of work taken on by Kinsley Construction requires versatile, reliable, high-productivity equipment including a fleet of Gradall excavators.

XL 3300 and XL 4300 models handle the work of many machines on
challenging port project

An ambitious project to create the most modern port on the Baltic Sea at Vuosaari Harbor in Helsinki, Finland, created a need for a wide range of machines. Helsinki government agencies selected Gradall excavators to complete the wide range of jobs.

XL 5100 III excavator has a designed-in versatility that pays off for regional water district
Gradall model XL 5100 III helps Tarrant Regional Water District accomplish a range of both construction and maintenance jobs with a single machine.

Many tasks required to create sheathing box are handled by versatile Model XL 4300-II
As part of the Central Artery Tunnel Project in Boston, much of the above ground once occupied by elevated highways is being renovated, creating attractive grassy areas.

Working at Harvard, Model XL 2200 excavators complement smart approach to top-down construction
A top-down construction plan, created by J. F. White Contracting Co. Inc. on the Harvard campus, required versatile equipment that can work in tight spaces, but the overall benefits of the plan include a shorter, more efficient building cycle.

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Gradall Excavators: Highway and Roadside Maintenance Case Histories
Short tail swing and boom versatility pay off using Gradall XL 4100 IV for highway repair
Gradall performs efficiently on I-294 project with minimal traffic flow interruption.

XL 4100 IV Culvert Replacement Meets the Need to do More Jobs Faster
and with Fewer Machines

Like most government entities, the Fort Bend County Road and Bridge Department is under pressure to perform more taxpayer services faster and on a budget. Owner of several Gradall excavators, including two XL 4100 IV models, the department uses them for a very wide variety of jobs: ditching, re-decking bridges, road patching, culvert replacement, setting pipe and even disposing of dead farm animals.

City's need to handle multiple jobs is perfect fit for XL 3100 IV
There was plenty of work to do when the city of McAlester, Oklahoma took delivery of an XL 3100 IV excavator from Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc., the nearby Gradall distributor.

Wisconsin highway contractor benefits from XL 4100 III versatility and mobility
The combined mobility and versatility in its equipment fleet help Zignego Co., Inc. reach a profitable level of productivity on its numerous urban, highway and interstate construction jobs.

For busy paving company, XL 4300 III pays off on many jobs
Lindy Paving of New Castle, Pennsylvania, points out that the versatility of Gradall's XL 4300 III can positively impact productivity and dramatically reduce costs on road repair projects.

In national wildlife refuge, Series III tree limb shear is a critical tool
Having one tree limb shear attachment that can be used by all of the Brazoria County Road & Bridge Deparment's Series III Gradall excavators is a clear advantage in maintaining trees and vegetation along highways.

A city and a county find mower attachments expand versatility of their Gradall excavators
Precinct 3 in Austin County, Texas, and the city of Sealy have found mowers to be an ideal way to extend the return on their investments in Gradall excavator models.

Busy Irving, Texas benefits from versatility of XL 4100 III with attachments including Series III grapple
Gradall excavators are ideal for helping Irving Texas protect its business-friendly reputation while building and maintaining roadways and removing traffic obstructions like overgrown trees.

Precise boom movements maximize Minnich Dowel Drill performance
Gradall's telescoping, tilting boom is the perfect solution to efficiently position a Minnich Dowel Drill to create holes for rebar on a lengthy highway repair project in Chicago.

Tree limb shear makes short work of overhanging tree problem
The Gradall tree limb shear attachment provides an excellent solution to the constant need to trim trees along roads in Brazoria County, Texas.

Model XL 3300 makes short work of removing long median strips
The versatility of the Model XL 3300 enables municipalities to remove and replace median strips quickly and efficiently, with minimal interruption of normal traffic flow.

Proven on multiple sites, Model XL 3300 is ideal for both removing and replacing asphalt
The XL 3300's versatility provides contractors and municipalities the advantage of using a single machine to handle the entire process of removing and replacing damaged sections of pavement.

Muscular Model XL 4100-II pulls curbs and sidewalks with high efficiency
Replacing aging sections of sidewalk and curbing is a constant need in Norridge, Illinois. Unlike some communities, there are no grassy strips between sidewalks and curbs in Norridge.

Model XL 4300-II is ideal for managing highway barriers
J. H. Lynch Construction, Inc., of Cumberland, RI., operates a variety of related businesses throughout three states involving asphalt; aggregates and ready-mix concrete products; site preparation; paving and utility installation and repair; and bridge work.

State highway department rebuilds slopes quickly with Model XL 4100-II
Crews quickly restore banks that had slipped on a four-lane highway, removing dirt, re-creating and re-grading drainage ditches for grass and spreading rip-rap to help prevent further slips.

Asphalt work faster and easier with Model XL 4100-II
Gradall versatility allows contractor to clear away roadside vegetation, demolish and remove damaged sections of roadway and spread new asphalt all with one machine.

Excavator handles heavy panels on big dig with boom-end vacuum system
The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, said to be the largest and most technologically challenging highway project ever attempted, has advanced a number of construction innovations, among which is a versatile Gradall Model XL 5200 excavator equipped with a boom-end Anver Corporation industrial vacuum system.

XL 3300 completes water line replacement work faster, more efficiently than conventional excavators
When the city of McKinney, Texas, faces water line replacements, the work must be finished as quickly as possible to minimize any interruption of traffic flow. A Gradall Model XL 3300, rented from Continental Equipment, accomplishes that goal.

Pavement patch removal on multiple sites is handled quickly with Gradall Model XL 4100
Patch removal for subgrade re-stabilization work needs to be handled as quickly and productively as possible, and K-5 Construction Co. relies on its Model XL 4100 Gradall excavator to efficiently meet that challenge on many different sites in the Chicago area.

Tree limb shear attachment speeds up county's roadside cleanup work
Clearing away roadside vegetation, including overhanging tree limbs, is a continual challenge for the Tuscarawas County Road and Bridge Department in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Model XL 3100 meets challenge to excavate around PVC pipe
Preparing an area for concrete along Olive Street in West Palm Beach, Florida, posed a delicate challenge for Community Asphalt. The company needed to clear and excavate the narrow section without disturbing PVC irrigation pipe or new concrete on both sides.

Big bridge repair project requires precise boom-end manipulation
A major repair project on the Oakland Bay Bridge requires faster, efficient work utilizing equipment with tremendous strength. To handle the project, Modern Continental needed equipment capable of quickly and precisely placing about 600 steel beams — each up to 37 feet long and weighing between 3,100 and 4,200 pounds, depending on whether they are 10 or 12-inch square.

Able to work effectively in tight quarters, Model XL 3100 replaces landscape island on busy highway
Without unnecessary interference with traffic flow, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, saw a need to remove a landscape island to create additional traffic lanes in both directions.

New headwall for roadway project requires precision boom work with Model XL 4100
Raising a roadway between Padre Island, Texas and the mainland, was a multi-faceted project - especially the need to raise parts of a levee and construct a brand new bridge and pier with flow-through sections.

Model XL 3100 handles wide range of jobs for highway crew
The versatility of the Model XL 3100 Gradall excavator is a big asset for Zachry Construction of San Antonio, Texas. Equipped with a highway-speed wheeled undercarriage, the machine can be driven to a wide variety of jobs without the need for a truck and lowboy trailer.

Model XL 4100 eliminates the need for extra equipment on road project
On the surface, it looked like a lot of equipment would be necessary for a street project mapped out by the city of New Braunfels, Texas. The project included creating a new intersection, re-constructing an access road and installing appropriate islands to direct traffic flow.

Highway barrier handling goes smoother with Gradall excavators
Gradall excavators provided the ideal solution for the need to quickly install and later remove Jersey barriers along busy highway construction zones. The sooner the barriers could be installed and traffic diverted, the sooner the work could begin.

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Gradall Excavators: Industrial Projects Case Histories
XL 4310 III with powerful boom movements, impacts scaling productivity
at new limestone mine

Sidwell Materials of Zanesville, Ohio uses XL 4310 III with powerful boom movements to open new limestone mine.

XL 5200 III excavator with huge excavating bucket handles many jobs
in busy mining operation

TJS Mining, Inc. requires versatile, reliable equipment for all types of mining, including its auger drilling site in Indicana County, not far from Pittsburgh.

Gradall's low-profile telescoping boom keeps conveyors working in Greece
Since 2002, Gradall excavators have been the primary tools used to keep the lines well maintained and free of debris that adheres to the belt and then falls off and collects beneath the lower rollers of the conveyor.

For demanding mine scaling work, nothing performs like the rugged Model XL 5110
Deep underground inside the East Fairfield Coal Co. Limestone Division mine in Perrysburg, Ohio, there's a critical need to clear away loose material on many faces as quickly and efficiently as possible to prepare for daily blasting. Beyond exceptional scaling efficiency, the mine also needs equipment that's rugged and reliable enough to withstand the vibrations and boom shocks of this demanding work.

At busy mining operation Model XL 4200 II handles rugged cleanup work
Vulcan Materials Corp. operates a demanding aggregate mine in Brooksville, FL, that requires constant spillage cleanup to keep the operation working efficiently. Once aggregate is mined, it must be moved and processed before it can be sold as finished rock and sand, mostly used in the manufacture of high-quality cement and asphalt.

Gradall Boom telescopes into storage tank for cleanout
The unique design of the versatile Gradall boom provided the solution for a difficult storage tank cleanout job at the Marathon/Ashland Oil Refinery in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gradall Model XL 4210 speeds up furnace maintenance in steel plant
Daily tap hole replacement maintenance time has been slashed dramatically at the Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. No. 3 steel making plant in the People’s Republic of China. The Model XL 4210 industrial maintenance machine by Gradall improved productivity levels in three 80 metric ton Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF) at the plant.

Gradall excavator boom movements replace manual labor in
gypsum cleaning process

The addition of three Model XL 5200 Gradall excavators has created a unique and more productive way for the United States Gypsum Co. to streamline its process of cleaning gypsum used to make sheet rock.

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Gradall Excavators: Railway Maintenance Projects Case Histories
XL 3300 III speeds up hurricane repairs on commuter railway line
To restore service to a critical section of the New York Transit System, J-Track LLC of Cedar Point, N.Y. used a Gradall XL 3300 III excavator equipped with rail gears.

XL 4100 III rail maintenance machine delivers both mobility and versatility
needed by railroad.

Equiped with a Diversified rail gear, the XL 4100 III model used by CSX provides excellent mobility and at the same time allows the crews to complete a large number of maintenance jobs with fewer machines.

Gradall Rail Model called in for fast, efficient landslide cleanup
Lots of rugged equipment was needed as fast as possible after a landslide spread 500,000 tons of dirt, rocks and tress across a four-lane highway and onto three Norfolk Southern railway tracks.

Model XL 3300 on railway crossing maintenance does the work of many machines
Maintaining railway crossings quickly and competently is vitally important to the city of Miami, Oklahoma. It's a process that requires several steps, starting with the removal of the old asphalt and base.

Model XL 2300 is specially equipped for rail system maintenance
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority performs ongoing maintenance on a rail system that is a major portion of the Boston area’s infrastructure. The project involves removing and installing rail and rail bed, often working in remote locations.

Model XL 3300 with rail gear handles maintenance both on and off track
The Cleveland, Ohio Regional Transit Authority (RTA) operates a train system that is a vital link between the center of the city and its sprawling chain of suburbs. Some 65 miles of track, on four lines, carry commuters in and out of the city.

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Gradall Excavators: Site Work Projects Case Histories
Gradall XL 4100 IV switches quickly between hammer and bucket for sidewalk work
Versatility of the XL 4100 IV helps the City of Chicago in major vaulted sidewalk replacement project in congested areas.

XL 3100 IV is contractor's primary machine for sidewalk and street work
Based on several decades of experience, William M. Laydon Construction of North Haven, Connecticut, is sold on the versatility of Gradall excavators for its sidewalk and street paving business.

Sloping and rip-rap stabilization project
The city of San Angelo, Texas, embarked on a two-year, $13.5-million project to dramatically improve the public area around the Concho River. The project includes stabilization of several thousand feet of river bank as well as creating and improving trails and adding lighting, public art, new irrigation systems, shaded sitting areas, water features and other special elements.

Canadian weather creates plenty of concrete work for versatile XL 3100 IV excavator
Maf-Worx had this new XL 3100 IV equipped with a pavement removal bucket and a ditching bucket, enabling it to handle the work of many different machines with its versatile telescoping, tilting boom.

Finishing work is completed without damaging paved streets, thanks to wheeled Model XL 4300-II
To expedite completion of a multi-unit housing project near Newport, RI, asphalt roads were installed long before the site work was completed.

Multiple demands of housing development construction keep Model XL 4100-II busy
Growing demand for homes in suburban Washington, DC has created a need for versatile contractors and equipment to excavate foundations, cut-in roads, create drainage and utility ditches, and rebuild shoulders.

Model XL 4100-II creates access roads and green spaces for shopping center
Construction of major retail centers require versatile equipment that can efficiently perform many different tasks, from creating access roads to spreading soil for landscaping.

Model XL 4100-II is productive solution to huge site finishing challenge
Landscape finishing project at the new Virginia Gateway Shopping Center requires versatile equipment that can move quickly from one location to another on the site.

Versatility of Model XL 4100-II pays off in site development
Land development work for multi-family housing creates plenty of challenges that typically require multiple machines. The Gradall Model XL 4100-II provides the versatility and productivity necessary to perform everything from mass excavation and undercutting to creating solid steps for bricklayer scaffolding, loading trucks with dirt, building asphalt roadways and finishing the grade.

Model XL 3300 proves to be perfect for parking lot landscaping
Shopping mall work is typically on a tight schedule because everything must be fine-tuned by opening day. Ground work typically includes extensive landscaping in the areas where customers will park their vehicles.

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Gradall Excavators: Storm Cleanup Projects Case Histories
XL 5100 IV with boom extension clears debris where other machines cannot
The Nueces County Drainage District No. 2 faces the intimidating assignment of keeping about 300 miles of drainage ditches clear in south Texas. When the district is not reacting to storms and flooding, handling the emergency removal of debris and vegetation, workers stay busy clearing away materials and cleaning ditches before the next storm arrives.

Acquired for emergency preparedness, XL 4100 III models respond
quickly to ice storm hazard

As part of Tennessee's emergency preparedness program, the state purchased fifteen Gradall XL 4100 III excavators. They were called to action recently to clear branches along highways after a major ice storm.

In aftermath of flooding, Model XL 3100 equipped with two buckets used to repair damaged drainage system
Following severe winter flooding, crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation rebuild collapsed portions of a 60-foot section of culvert along a State Route with minimal disruption of traffic flow.

Four hurricanes require Gradall cleanup versatility
During a six-week period in the late summer of 2004, four hurricanes ravaged much of Florida, including multiple passes through Osceola County in the Orlando area. Each of the hurricanes resulted in mounds of debris from buildings as well as fallen trees and vegetation that clogged important drainage canals.

Model XL 3100 mobility keeps cleanup crews moving
The 2004 hurricane season created plenty of cleanup work throughout Lee County on the Gulf Coast of Florida, including its largest city, Fort Myers. The county's Gradall excavators, including a new Model XL 3100, were rushed into action for the initial cleanup work to restore public safety.

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